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Learning through Art- Mother Goose Time's "Art Studio" week 1

Last month I shared with you our experiences using Mother Goose Time's "A to Zoo Animals" preschool curriculum.  July kicked off their summer camp editions with "The Artist Studio".  I especially was excited for this month as I love art!  As always my boys were ecstatic the moment the Mother Goose Time box arrived on our doorstep. I wish I had my camera when it arrived as it was a hilarious site seeing the boys bring in the box together.  They each grabbed hold of one end and backed it in the house.  Reminded me of movers moving in a heavy couch.  So funny!

LEFT- The Artist Studio curriculum box, Experience God curriculum (more about that later)
RIGHT- Contents of Teachers Resource Bag
We opened the box right away and looked at all the fun stuff inside.  I opened the Teachers Resource Bag and included in this month's bag was a new calender, parent newsletter, gathering list, art posters for the classroom, inflatable globe, lesson plan book, Groovin with the Goose music CD and skills overview chart.

I LOVE this month's calender pieces!  Who doesn't love Mona Lisa and The Starry Night?

Day 1 Day Bag
Besides art, this month is also about character training and money. On day one I introduced the boys to "Falco the featherless bird" and read his story.  Falco finds a gold coin and is so excited to find "just one more" but soon finds himself ignoring his friends and family.  He searches so long and hard for coins, he doesn't even realize he has lost his feathers and can no longer fly!  

In Falco's "nest" are feathers each with a different color and character trait.  Each day the boys take out a feather with the color of the day and I read the "Use It" or "Lose It" scenario on the back of the feather.  Here is an example:

Can Falco remember to use his Discipline Feather? 
Falco had a goal to make a flower painting for hid grandma's birthday.  Each time he tried to make a flower, it ended up looking like a tree.  "ARGH!" he said and got very mad. Falco gave up and quit. Discipline: Did Falco LOSE IT or USE IT?

Once we make our decision, we discuss why it was either a good or bad decision.  Great discussion time!  I am really enjoying our talks.

Our craft for day one was creating Self-Portraits.  I brought out a mirror and had the boys look at themselves.  We talked about their hair and eye color as well as the other features on their faces. After that they had fun drawing themselves.  

Oh my!  I think J Bug was going for the Picaso effect. ;-)

Day 2 Day Bag
Day 2 we started the day with our usual circle time. I then read our book of the month, "Art Dog". This book was a lot of fun and my boys really enjoyed it. I love that the Mother Goose Time curriculum comes with a new book each month.  It is nice to add to their collection.

We also learned about the country Italy.  I brought out the globe and we found Italy together. Then the boys made a flag of Italy. I told the boys about their great-great grandma who came to America from Italy and how that makes them 1/16th Italian.  Not that they know what 1/16th is. Haha!  

Next they made their "Who's Head? Portrait Book".  Each page they colored the portraits and then cut down the middle of each one.  This allowed for the mixing and matching of faces and bodies! The boys thought this was so silly.

Day 3 Day Bag
Day 3 we learned about the color blue, the shape of a triangle, and Resourcefulness.  The boys learned that resourcefulness means using what you have instead of buying something new.  We talked about how in art many things can be used to create a masterpiece even when you don't have a paintbrush.  We tried to come up with a few ideas of items you could paint with....string, leaves, sponges, q-tips, yarn, etc.

For our craft we made our very own stamps cutting shapes out of foam and gluing them to cardboard circles.  The boys had a good time stamping paint onto their gift tags.

Later we played a game called "Don't Get the Wolf".  The object of this game was to get as many matching cards as you could without getting the Italian wolf card. If you did happen to get a wolf card, you must become the wolf and make wolf sounds.  Little E got the wolf several times...look at him growl!  Each set of cards represented something from Italy.  This was great because they got to learn a little bit more about Italy while they played the game.  

Day 4 Day Bag
Day 4 was a lot of fun. We learned about murals and how some murals are painted on ceilings and have to be painted upside down! I showed the boys a picture of "Sistine Chapel" and all it's amazing artwork.


All week long the boys have been learning about money. They each received 3 envelopes- one for saving, one for giving, and one for spending.  At the end of each day they receive $5 (one for every activity we did).  They then use some of the money to purchase their art supplies during the week. They are learning the concepts "we get paid when we work", "we can put money away for another day", and "we can give money to help those in need".  Here they are "purchasing" their art supplies for the day's project.

Our art project for the day was creating an Upside-Down Mural, just like Michelangelo. Oh my, did my boys ever have fun with this!  I taped construction paper to the underside of their school desks and they made paint brushes from foam bristles. I played their "Groovin with the Goose" cd and let them work on their masterpieces until the paint dried up.

Michelangelo eat your heart out!
(Try not to laugh at the expressions! This picture turned out hilarious.)

One of our activities for the day was playing "Freeze Dance" to the "Pizza Dough Boogie" song from the "Groovin with the Goose" CD.  Watch my boys in action.....

Day 5 Day Bag

Each day the colored shape of the day is placed on the Easel poster.  Above left is a picture of J Bug counting the shapes and naming off the colors.  Day 5 we learned all about Generosity, the color pink and hearts.  

We played a game where we pretended white beans were "pearls".  The boys took turns being blindfolded and had to search for the "pearls".  Once all the pearls were found they counted them.

The art project for the day was making their very own version of the "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Johannes Vameer.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, how this one came out.  SO ADORABLE!


At the end of the day the boys gave each other a heart and said, " I give my heart".  We discussed what it means to give and the boys added their days money to their envelopes.  Since this was the last lesson of the week, we counted all the money in each envelope and wrote the total on the front of each envelope.  It was another great week with Mother Goose Time!

Next week- It's all about France and it's famous artists. I can't wait!

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Disclaimer - Mother Goose Time sent me their curriculum in exchange for review. All opinions are mine, I was not committed to write favorably. I received no other compensation. I am disclosing this information in compliance with the FTC Regulations.
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I love the pic in the kids room, the baby in the bed is being silly!

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Monique- Which picture are you talking about?

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