Monday, July 8, 2013

Zoo Adventures Final Week

Last week we finished up our A to Zoo Mother Goose Time's June preschool curriculum.  It has been such a great month full of learning, discovery and adventure! This last week was especially fun as we took yet another field trip. I will tell you all about it here in a bit, but first let me show you how the start of our week went.

S for Sheep

Day 16 was all about sheep.  We talked about the letter S and all the other words that start with it.  Our craft for the day was making black "Scratchy Sheep". The boys applied glue to their black sheep and added black sand for texture. They loved this messy craft and I love the sparkly effect the sand gave the sheep.

While we were making our craft, I talked to the boys about how sheep's fur looks soft but can actually feel be very scratchy.  I told them how sheep's fur is sheared just like the Llamas and can be made into things such as sweaters, socks, and hats.  They thought that was pretty cool!

Next, we played a logic game.  We learned all about shadows and how sometimes you can tell what something is by the looks of it's shadow.  The boys matched the animals to their shadows on the logic game board and then made their own shadow animals against the wall.  Lot's of fun!

Our last activity of sheep day was to pretend we were Little Bo Peep looking for her sheep.  I his little puffy pom poms all over the school room and had the boys hunt for them.  My boys love hide and seek games and are quite good at finding things.  They really enjoyed finding their lost "sheep".

T for Tiger

Day 17 we learned about Tigers and the letter T.  At circle time we added our tiger page to our collector's rings and sang a fun song about tigers (to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle"). We added our tiger poetry poster to the wall and recited the "Catch a Tiger by the Toe" poem. I asked the boys what they think would happen if they tried to catch a tiger by the toe.  Their response, "He would eat me!".  Yeah, that is probably right. 

The craft for the day was a Tiger Mask.  I explained to my boys that tigers have strips to help them hide in the wild.  They drew stripes on their masks and then added whiskers.  Afterward the boys ran around the room with their toy tigers belting out their best roars!  I love watching their imagination soar!

At the end of our school day we discussed how each one of us is uniquely different. We compared our own features to each other and noticed how each of our hair, eye and skin color is each a bit different. We talked about how each of us has special finger prints and how no one else in the world has the same markings.  The boys then made fingerprints on a piece of paper and looked at them through a magnifying glass. They were intrigued how each finger print looked different. 

U for Urchin and V for Veterinarian

Day 18 was a lot of fun and my personal favorite of the week.  We learned about Urchins and what a Veterinarian is.  We also took a special field trip to a veterinarian's office and toured a pet store.  

Before we headed out for our field trip, we started our day with out usual circle time routine and our project of the day.  This day my boys colored zoo postcards.  They tried real hard to draw elephants, but I am afraid they looked like a bunch of scribbles instead.  Ah well, they are still learning.  Drawing is a hard one for this age.

Our next activity was to fill in our "Measure Me" charts.  I weighed and measured each boy and filled in their information.  Interestingly, my 3 year old son is 1 1/4 inches taller than my 5 year old and also 2 pounds heavier!  Yes, we are all unique!

Finally we headed out for our field trip.  I was excited the nice people at PetSmart graciously allowed our family to invade their pet hospital for the day.  One of their Veterinarians gave us the tour.  She showed us their lab, where they keep their pet medications, the exam rooms, the holding area, the x-ray room, and the surgical room.  She introduced us to a cat with a broken leg (bottom right photo above) and showed us her x-ray so we could see the break (top left photo).  My kids were fascinated by this and the general idea that animals see doctors just like people do!  The boys also got to listen to the vet's heart using her stethoscope. It was a great learning experience and we all learned something new.

After our visit with the vet, we walked around PetSmart and looked at all the animals.  They didn't have a whole lot mainly birds, fish, turtles, lizards and hamsters. Regardless, my children enjoyed the pets and all the fun things there are to buy for pets.

W for Wolf and X for X-Ray Fish 

During circle time on day 19 we sang a fun song from the A to Z Animals music CD.  The song is "X is for X-ray fish".  Well in this song it tells you to make an X with your arms, fingers, legs, and toes.  My boys thought this was so fun and played the song several times. I enjoyed watching them make their X's.  Great listening and gross motor activity!

Since the wolf was one of the animals of the day, we discussed how wolves live in packs and howl to communicate with each other.  I told them how wolves love to howl at the moon.  I cut out shapes and had the boys name each one and then gave them each a paper "moon" to howl at.

Cute little wolves!

Next, the boys made X-Ray Fish Art using their hand prints to make the fish bodies.  This was a fun craft and their pictures turned out so nice!  Need I mention my boys LOVE getting messy with paint?

We then played a game called, "Move to the Cube".  With each roll of the dice you are given an activity to act out.  Little E had to make noises like an animal in the zoo.  He chose tiger and let out a roar!

J Bug had to move around the room like his favorite animal.  He was an elephant with a long trunk!

 Y for Yak and Z for Zebra

Our very last day, day 20 ended with Yak and Zebra.  We completed our A to Z animal collector's rings, went over all the words we could think of that start with Y & Z and sang a fun song about Yaks to the tune of "Row your Boat". We also quickly reviewed all the animals and letters in the collector's ring and made each letter sound as we went along.

The boys made zebra hand print animals for their craft.  Little E's turned out looking for more like a zebra fish than an actually zebra (bottom left photo above).  Haha!

To end our zoo adventure we made a pretend zoo in the boys room.  Big brother sold the tickets and the boys paid with their "Mother Goose Bucks". J Bug was being camera shy in case you are wondering where he is.

To close us out, here is a video of my boys singing with the "Good-Bye Song".  This song is on the Mother Goose Time "Circle Time" CD and we sing each day after our lesson.  Normally my boys give me a big hug and hang on as they sing.  In this video you will see they are not being so nice.  This is life with boys though.  Never a dull moment! Enjoy.

Up Next- The Art Studio! Follow along as I share our experiences with this awesome summer curriculum.  Want to join in?  It's not to late to order the Art Studio for your child. Click here to order.

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 Disclaimer - Mother Goose Time sent me their curriculum in exchange for review. All opinions are mine, I was not committed to write favorably. I received no other compensation. I am disclosing this information in compliance with the FTC Regulations.
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Serena Durham said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Loved each and every week!! You write so well and are an amazing photographer...I am going to look up Mother Goose Time because of you. I hope they keep giving you stuff to review because I can't think of a better person to blog about it. :-)

HappilyDomestic said...

Thanks, Serena so glad you enjoyed it and I really think Kaiya would enjoy Mother Goose Time when she is ready. It's great!

Christine Webb said...

I'm new to your blog, and it's awesome!! It seems like my goals for life totally match up with what you're already doing. My blog is called "The Vintage Housewife," and it's all about trying to become more domestic. I don't have kids yet, but maybe someday. I have THE MOST respect for stay at home moms. :-)

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