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Landscapes, Flowers, Haystacks, and Modern Art- Week 2 of "The Art Studio"

This past week was a lot of fun.  The boys have been learning about France, French art and enjoying a variety of art projects.  We start each day with circle time and the circle time song, add our calender piece, add the day's colored shape to the art easel and then pull out Falco's nest to see which character trait Falco will use (or not use) that day. 

Day 6 Art Studio Day Bag
The boys love this part and take turns taking down the nest and searching through the colorful feathers.  Day 6 was all about Contentment.  We all need to learn more in this area, right?

We learned that Contentment means "being happy with what you have".  We talked about how it is okay to want new things, but we also need to be thankful for all the good things we do have. We also need to be happy for others when they get something new, even when it is something we want ourselves.  Kind of a hard lesson for little ones, but something I want my children to learn.  When you live in a big family like ours, being content is huge.  Sharing what we have and not always getting what you want when you want it is part of life!

The art project for Day 6 was making their own version of the famous painting "Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge" by Claude Monet. The boys used newspaper to paint with, giving their paintings a special element. They used tissue paper to create water lilies and glued on a paper bridge and lily pads. Turned out so nice!

Claude Monet's version and The Hunter Brothers version. *;) winking

As part of our money lesson we learned about needs and wants.  The boys were each given $4 to buy 4 necessities. They were given 5 categories to choose from...water, food, shelter, clothing and toys.  Before we began I explained to them what we need to survive and what we can live without. Despite my efforts, both boys chose "toys" as part of their 4 necessities.  This of course left Little E without shelter and J Bug without food.  I think they both realized they had made the wrong choice in the end.  Lesson learned!

Day 7 Art Studio Day Bag

Day 7 I introduced the boys to France.  They looked over the country flag and we found France on our globe.  After this they made their "Flag of France Collage" craft. The boys had to cut paper into little pieces and then glue those pieces onto the shape of France. This was a great fine motor activity and gave them lots of practice using the scissors.

As part of their money lesson we talked about keeping money safe.  We discussed banks and how they work and also how to keep money safe at home.  The boys took out their "Spend" envelopes and "purchased" their art supplies for the day. This has been a great lesson as it teaches them the things we need are not free and sometimes you have to pay for what you need.

Paying with "Fly Dollars"

Day 7's art project was creating framed flower pictures reminiscent of Claude Monet's "Chrysanthemums" painting. They cut circles for the flowers (Circle was our shape of the day) and glued them to green paper and then added a yellow paper frame.  Lastly, they dipped a pokey ball in a variety of colors to make the flowers pop!  


Day 8 Art Studio Day Bag

At Circle time on Day 8 we learned about the color red, shape of the triangle, and what it means to have Integrity.  Afterward we played a fun game called "Feed the Animals".  The boys cut out a variety of grain pictures and we discussed how animals all over the world eat grain. I then hid the "grain" all over our school room for the boys to find.  They had to choose an animal to be and make their animal noises as they searched for grain.  Lot's of snorting, mooing, and neighing going on!  My boys love these hide and seek games and I'm running out of hiding places as they are just too good!

Our art project for the day was creating "Haystacks".  These of course were meant to imitate the famous painting "Hay Stacks in Late Summer" also by Claude Monet.

I had the boys use water color pencils as I thought this would give them opportunity to draw a more detailed landscape.  I love watercolor pencils for children!  They are so fun and easy to use and the kids enjoy painting over their drawings. My boys had fun drawing suns, clouds and lots of grass.

Haystacks in Late Summer
(do you spot the shape of the day?)

Day 9 Art Studio Day Bag

Day 9 we learned about being resourceful.  We talked about the different ways to be resourceful and why it is good to be resourceful (goes along with being content). I asked the boys what they would do for shelter if they were caught out in the rain.  They both answered they would use an umbrella.  But what if you didn't have one?  I talked to the boys about creating a temporary shelter to keep them dry.
After they made their own temporary shelter, I asked the boys if this shelter would really keep them dry.  They both thought it would. We discussed how water will wet a blanket and so this shelter would only work for a short moment. This got them really thinking.  I like how these little activities are not only fun, but teach an important lesson.

We ended our day with painting umbrellas.  The boys used q-tips dipped in paint to make dots. We talked about the shape of an umbrella and how it is a half circle.  Half circle was the shape of the day.

Day 10 Art Studio Day Bag
Day 10 was all about Modern Art and circles.  The boys used their "fly dollars" to purchase the art supplies and got busy making colorful circles (using an empty spool) all over their art paper.

While the paint dried we talked some more about money and how it can be earned.  We discussed the different jobs people have and how by working we can earn money. I told the boys how some people even make money by selling their art work!  They thought that was pretty cool. Once dry, the boys cut the paper circles along the dotted lines and this created a fun swirly art piece.

So many great projects this week!  Claude Monet is one of my most favorite artists so I was glad to have my boys learn about his works.

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