Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to School Dinner 2014

Last Sunday my family and I celebrated another year of homeschool with our semi-annual back to school dinner.  I say semi-annual because although I WANT to make this an every year family tradition, it never seems to turn out that way.  Our last back to school dinner was in 2012, read about it here.  The one before that was back in 2006 when my oldest son was entering Kindergarten.  I'll get better... at least I didn't let a 6 year gap go by this last time! ;-)

As usual, "Apples" is our theme.  I decorated the table with school supplies, apple place mats, apple cups, and of course a bowl full of apples!  I also burned some apple cinnamon incense to make the room smell nice and applie (is applie a word?  It is now!).

Oh, and guess what I found at the grocery store while shopping for the back to school dinner menu items???
So fun.  It tasted a lot like sparkling apple cider.

My oldest and youngest son.  I love how baby N poses for pictures now.  He melts my heart!  
He is 2 now by the way.  Turned 2 on June 1st.

Miss "I" (now 12) enjoying her apple pop!

Little E and J Bug (ages 6 and 4)
They were pretty excited about the dinner this year, especially Little E who is entering Kindergarten!

Time for the feast!

On the menu was BBQ turkey loin topped with fried apples and onion, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, and whole wheat rolls.  YUM!

The whole fam!

My baby boy enjoying a good meal.

 Mama made Apple Crisp!

 Nothing beats warm apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream.

Does your family do something special to celebrate back to school?  Please leave a comment and tell me about it.  If you have blogged, please share the link.  I would love to see how your family celebrates this special time of year. #backtoschoolfeast 

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Sarah said...

It's so good to see an update from you! Your children have grown up!

I love the themed meal - very creative. :)

HappilyDomestic said...

Thank you, Sarah! And thank you for stopping by. It's good to know I still have readers! ;)

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