Sunday, September 21, 2014

MFW Kindergarten- Unit 1 "S" for Sun

After 2 weeks of learning all about God's creation, we moved on to our very first unit study in our My Father's World kindergarten.  Unit 1 is all about the letter "S" and the sun.  The boys had a lot of fun with this unit.  We read books about the sun, learned about shadows, and learned all about the letter "S".  Each week I also cover either 1 safety topic, character trait, or we work on manners.  This week we talked about stranger danger. 

Here is our week in review...

Bible Memory: "Jesus said, "I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness." John 8:12

Once again here are my boys saying this weeks scripture memory verse.  Baby "N" decided to join them and appears to be saying the verse along with them (or so he thinks).  Silly boy!

Songs for Unit 1: 
Light of the World (John 8:12), (this is from the Seeds Family Worship. Hearing this song really helped the boys memorize their scripture verse.)

 "What Makes a Shadow" by Clyde Robert Bulla

"Who Likes the Sun" by Etta Kaner

This book is cool because each page asks a question and then the page opens up 
and reveals the scientific answer!

"Never EVER talk to Strangers" by Anne Marie Pace

And this is what I store the books in...

I bought XL plastic zip storage bags at the Dollar Tree and decorated one for each unit.  Took a long time to do of course, but was fun!  I love having the books for each unit nice and organized. 

Working on their "S" picture cards page.

Sun Badges with this weeks theme.

My boys have been enjoying the Cuisenaire Rods. This book and the rods came in the My Father's World God's Creation from A to Z deluxe pack.

Building an S with the cuisenaire rods. The boys build letters and pictures with the rods and then count back how many rods they used.  Fun hands on math!

J-Bug working on the "S" picture page with the rods.

For more ideas visit my Unit 1 "S" Sun board on Pinterest!

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I would love to hear from anyone using My Father's World kindergarten with their child.  Please leave comments with any questions, tips or links to your own MFW blog post.  

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