Wednesday, September 24, 2014

MFW Kindergarten- Unit 2 "M" for Moon

Moon week was a lot of fun.  We read some great books, had a couple cool snacks and the boys learned all about the moon and it's phases.  We also covered the letter "M" with lots of fun worksheets.  We discussed how we are lights when we let God's light shine through us. Our character/behavior topic for the week was on manners.  

Here is our week in review...

Bible Memory: "Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds." Matthew 5: 14,16

Here is Little E with this weeks verse.  Bible memory is his favorite because he loves to get a prize at the end of the week.  

Songs for Unit 2: 


"Goodnight Moon" 
by Margaret Wise Brown
Goodnight moon is one of my favorites!  Baby N adores it as did my daughter when she was a toddler.  Such a simple, but sweet book.  The boys did a few worksheets that went along with this book for our moon week.  I found them online.

"Who Likes the Night"
by Anna Kunari

"My First Book of the Planets" 
by Elizabeth Winthrop
This book covers a lot of information about the sun, moon and planets.  I went over the sun and moon part only since these are what we have been learning.  Great book!  I am sure I will pull it out again in a couple years.

"The Moon Might Be Milk"
by Lisa Shulman
LOVED this book!  It is adorable.  The girl and her cat visit all sorts of animals to ask them what the moon is made of.  Everyone thinks its something different, but in the end you find out everything they guessed equaled the ingredients to "Sugar Moon Cookies".  Recipe is included at the end of the book.  When my boys saw a recipe they wanted to make them on the spot!  Well, we didn't make them right away, but made then the next evening after dinner.  See pictures below.

by Aliki

Great short lessons on manners with illustrations kids can understand and relate to.  

Here is the "M" Moon storage bag I decorated for the Unit 2 

Who said school isn't fun?!?!

Look what we made!  Sugar cookie "Moons"

Ready to get started....
By the way, this recipe is at the end of the book "The Moon Might Be Milk"

This picture cracks me up because Baby N smiled and posed for the camera, but he actually screamed at anyone who tried to stir the batter!  His brothers just smiled at him.  They think he is a funny little guy.

Putting on the sparkles (sugar)

Waiting, waiting, waiting.....

At last, Cookie Moons!


Another great snack....
Man on the moon 

I made the men out of tortillas.  The boys had fun pulling them apart in layers.

On day three of each unit we make a badge with the week's theme.  
The boy's made matching badges for their favorite stuffed animals.

Visit my Unit 2 "M" Moon board on Pinterest for more ideas!

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Chari said...

Your boys are so cute! We really loved the moon week too!

HappilyDomestic said...

Chari- I forgot to mention to you that I bought oreos to do the moon phases project and my hubby ate them all before we had a chance! Stinker!!!

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