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Fireflies Preschool Curriculum Kit Review

The preschool years are such a joy, as a mom you want to savor every minute!  These years are also a very crucial time for your child.  A lot of things are going on in their growing bodies and their little brains are grasping everything like a sponge!  Early learning is key to your child's development as it can affect their overall love of learning, how they react to certain situations, and studies show it can even affect their health!  Such a precious time!  Shouldn't we all stop and evaluate if we are giving our children the very best for a bright future?

Teaching your child doesn't have to be a chore or anything intimidating.  Kids just want mom or dad to sit down beside them and read to them, help them complete a craft, and maybe sing some songs. Implementing a few simple ideas each day can make a huge impact!  Funshine Express understands the needs of children and meets those needs with their award winning curriculum.  If you have a child between the ages of 3-6 you will love their Fireflies curriculum kits!  They make teaching your child a breeze and meet all the state standards for learning.

Let me introduce you to the Fireflies preschool program:

 My little boys excited about getting packages.  
By the way- Only one of these boxes was for Fireflies, the others were Jitterbugs kits and a Buttercups kit.

Fireflies preschool curriculum kits are for children ages 3-5 and offer everything you need to teach your child (or children in your care) for a full 30 days! Each kit covers 2 themes to keep your child interested and learning new topics.  This includes 16 art projects (supplies included), book of the month, personal journal, calender heading, alphabet sign language cards, alphabet word cards, character critter posters, 4 Spanish cards, math game, learning center materials, counting cards, wall displays, monthly newsletter, and of course a curriculum guide full of fun ideas on how to teach. Lessons are written out to show you what and when to teach on a daily basis.  Everything is laid out in a simple, non-intimidating way that will allow you to teach without much preparation.

With your first order you will receive a starter pack to help you set up your learning area.  This includes calender display base with numbers, weather display, number display base, and color & shape display bases.  All pieces are laminated for durability.

October's Teacher Pack

Themes included in this particular kit:

Hats Off to You
Web Wonders

Crafts come individually wrapped with all supplies and instructions.

This is the front and back of the family newsletter.  Each newsletter offers activity suggestions, book recommendations to go along with the monthly themes, songs, recipes and more!  If you teach at a daycare center or preschool, these newsletters are a great way to keep families connected to what you are teaching their children.

With each kit you order you will have the choice of either a personal journal or practice worksheets.  These are great and teach all the beginning writing skills your preschooler needs to know.

Our Experience:

My boys are ages 4 and 6.  My 6 year old is officially a kindergartner this year, but he still enjoyed all aspects of this curriculum along with his younger brother.  There are several things I especially love about this curriculum (besides the obvious...comes all prepared and delivered to your door).  I love the multiple themes. The added variety of 1 extra theme per month makes it a little more interesting to both the child and the teacher. I also love how Funshine Express incorporates holidays into their monthly themes. Children enjoy holidays and it is fun for them to look forward to the occasions with fun crafts and games.

When we first received our curriculum kit the first thing I did was set up the classroom with the new calender poster.  Each morning when we start school we always sing the days of the week song and the boys take turns adding the number piece.  It's always a fun time and the simple act of counting days really helps with early math skills. 

We then check the weather and add the appropriate card on the chart.  
I love how this chart is set up because you get to see how the weather changes during the week.

Here are some of the other activities we enjoyed this month:

With the Hats Off to You theme we learned all about the different types of hats and the people that wear them.  Firemen, doctors, chefs, cowboys, policeman, many of us wear hats!  We also made several different hats throughout the month.  Here are the boys wearing the crowns they made.

Party Hat

We played a fun matching game to learn about community helpers and the hats they wear.

The boys made chefs hats and had so much fun pretending to cook at their play kitchen.

We learned all about triangles on triangle day. We sang a song about triangles, did some simple math using paper triangles and made these fun "Terrific Triangle Guys" which came in the kit.

Here is Little E doing his busy work in his personal journal.

Here I am reading the book of the month, Miss Honey's Hat.  This book is very charming and everyone enjoyed the story, even my older children.

Fantastic Fire Truck Craft

One of the major topics covered in the October kit was fire safety.  Fire safety is such an easy thing to teach children and yet something we often over look.  I was glad for the opportunity to sit down with my boys to discuss what to do in case of a fire.  This is something I will continue to teach through out the school year as it is so important!

We also learned about spiders!  The Arachnid Lacing project was so much fun. 
Great fine motor activity!

The boys showing off their spiders.  Their faces crack me up!

This is a small taste of the many activities, crafts, and learning you will experience using the Fireflies preschool curriculum.  For only $50 a month (price based on 1 kit for 1 child. Discounts given for additional children) you can't beat the price for a full 5 day a week program! It certainly receives this mama's stamp of approval! 

To learn more about Funshine Express, their Fireflies program and the other programs they offer, visit them on their website at You can also connect with them on FacebookPinterest, or their new blog, here!


Disclaimer - Funshine Express sent me a Fireflies kit in exchange for this review. All opinions are mine, I was not committed to write a favorable review. I received no other compensation. I am disclosing this information in compliance with the FTC Regulations.
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Chari said...

Very cute curriculum kit!I love how it is designed to just open up a packet and go!

Anonymous said...

Do you know how much it would be for 6 children? I run an in home day care and this would be perfect.

Lynette said...

Cute Curriculum! Great that it is all packaged up and prepared for you!

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