Friday, November 14, 2014

Goodnight Moon....time for bed!

Goodnight Moon is one of my all time favorite bedtime books.  I was so excited to see this book incorporated into this weeks lesson plan.  For Buttercups we talked more about bedtime and I introduced the bed vocabulary card and bed signing card.  

Here are the cards displayed on the side of our schoolroom bookshelf.

I love seeing little ones use sign language. It is absolutely adorable!
Baby "N" trying to figure out the motions.

He's got it!  This is the sign for bed.

Before we started our craft, I had the boys watch a cartoon 
version of Goodnight Moon on You Tube. 

Here is the video for you to enjoy with your children: 

From the Monthly Art Pack
To go along with our Goodnight Moon lesson, the boys put together a 
Goodnight Moon window scene.

They added blue paper to green, added star stickers, a mini muffin cup for the moon and then added a red window frame.  The end result was darling!

Baby N's finished art project

So proud!

The boys also watched the animated version of another great bedtime story, Good Night Gorilla! They love this book and we read it together often.

Here is the video for Good Night Gorilla:

I highly recommend both these books if you have yet to discover them.

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Jenny said...

Cute! I'm totally wishing I had preschoolers right now!

Stephany said...

My little girls LOVE Goodnight Moon. This looks like so much fun.

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