Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Star Light, Star Bright....

This was our last day learning with the "Night, Night" theme.  Tomorrow we start the 2nd half of the November Buttercups lessons which will be on giving thanks.  Baby N has really enjoyed this theme as blankets, books, stars and the moon are some of his favorite things!

Today we started our lesson out with the Mother Goose prop.  This contains a poem and pictures on both sides.

 Baby N enjoying the Mother Goose prop.  Which says:

Wake up bright
In the morning light
To do what's right
with all your might.

The back side of this picture shows the girl asleep in bed and says. "Good night, sleep tight".  Baby N looked at it this for quite awhile and kept asking me to read it.

We did an extended craft time today and made 3 crafts!  

This is the Sweet Dreams Mobile from the Buttercups kit. 
Baby N is stuffing the "cloud" with grocery bags.  

We then stapled one end of the cloud and decorated it with streamers and star stickers.

When completed I put on the song, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and he waved the mobile around.

Next, he put together a Night Owl Scene.  This is also from the Buttercups kit.  The instructions said to have the child paint the stars, but I had some leftover glitter from another craft and so we did that instead. They turned out nice and baby boy has fun dumping on the glitter.

Pressing down the owl after I glued it.

I love how all the crafts in the Buttercups curriculum kit are made for little hands.  My son usually needs a bit of help, but for the most part he can complete them on his own with instruction. Crafting has been great for him.  He has learned how to use scissors (for the most part), is learning how to properly hold a pencil, and has ample opportunity to strengthen his fine motor skills with each craft project.

(Yes, peanut butter and jelly was on the menu at lunch. Haha!)

After craft time I brought out our "All About Me" flash card.  You receive 4 different cards per Buttercups kit.  These cards help babies and toddlers identify real world actions and teach them the words to go with them.  We talked more about sleeping and bedtime and finished out our lesson with a lullaby.  I played "Hush Little Baby" from Funshine's Music and Movement cd and Baby N had a good time rocking his "baby" to sleep.  Here is a video of him in action. He was having lots of fun until he realized I was filming him and then he declared, "no more!" Haha!


Our Art Pack craft for this week was "Wishing Pouches"

The boys colored and cut out a star, moon, and cloud and wrote wishes on them.  The younger two didn't really understand this, but my 6 year old wished his lego guys were real!  He was so sad when his big sister told him his wish would not come true.  Nothing like older siblings to dampen the imagination! :-(

Baby N proud of his coloring

The "wishes" go into a special pouch.  Here is Little E adding the final touches to his wishing pouch.

J Bug adding the neck strap

All done!  Time to make a wish!

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Kristy said...

Loved the precious video of your little guy rocking his baby. Darling!

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