Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Turkey Day Celebrations

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

Today was all about the turkey!  We made turkey crafts galore, watched a turkey puppet show, read turkey/thanksgiving we are all set for Turkey Day!

The Gobbler headband from Funshine Express was a BIG hit.  This was one of the crafts in the November Monthly Art Pack.  First the boys colored all the main headband pieces as well as decorated their turkey heads, and feet.  Next, we traced their hands for the turkey feathers. We then stapled, taped and glued it all together and the end result was down right ADORABLE!

Later in the day we headed off to the local library for a Thanksgiving Puppet Show.  The boys wore their Gobbler Headbands and kind of stole the show.  Everyone was saying how cute they were!

The library had a special craft...Mayflower Ships!


After dinner tonight the boys insisted on MORE thanksgiving crafts.  We made yet another turkey!

My four sons, happy crafters!

 This turkey craft came from the Dollarttree.

Before bed I read the boys several books about Thanksgiving.  They really enjoyed them, especially the Plump and Perky Turkey book.  It was pretty funny! I am posting pictures below in case you want to check these out at your own local library.

May it be a BLESSED one. 

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