Thursday, February 5, 2015

In the Art Pack- Faux Snow Cones and Traffic Signs

Finishing up January's Art Pack from Funshine Express, this week my boys made faux snow cones and stop signs. For the snow cones they made colorful water color paintings onto coffee filters.  

Yes, there was lots of color mixing!  

We then rolled up a paper towel, wrapped it with the painted filter and then stapled the "snow" onto the cone cup.  The end result was pretty darn cute and my little guys had fun pretending to eat them.

If only they were real! ;)

For the stop signs, I marked cut lines with chalk on the corners of a red square.  The boys cut along the lines to make a quick and easy octagon. We discussed what shape they just created and why stop signs are important.  Good little lesson!

Busy, Busy!

J Bug wanted to show off the back of his sign.

And Little E went crazy with the stickers!

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