Monday, March 14, 2016

Random Acts of Kindness

Every once in awhile someone does something that blesses your socks off!  That was this past week. Out of the blue we got 2 packages in the mail from the kids Great Uncle Dave who lives in Washington State.  He is my husband's mom's only brother and a retired elementary school teacher. He has only met our kids on a couple of occasions, which makes this all the more surprising.  He sent 2 boxes full of kid chapter books, tons of candy and money for each of the kids hidden throughout the boxes.  My kids were so excited....was like opening treasure to them!

Despite their faces they really were excited (my kids don't have real smiles. Haha!).

Kiddie Loot

So many awesome books!  Some of these are the ones I will be needing for school 
in the next couple years with our Heart of Dakota curriculum.


So proud!

Look at this huge stack!

Thank you, Uncle Dave!!!
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Lark said...

WOW! What an amazing gift. I know it is greatly appreciated and enjoyed by you and the children. =)

DontSayHurry said...

ohhh my! How sweet! Thanks for sharing. We are always donating books to our library or other programs, nice to see them smiling!

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