Monday, January 16, 2017

Chinese New Year- Part 1

This past fall when I taught at our homeshool COOP, I had a little girl in my class who's mom is from Beijing, China.  Over the past few months we have gotten to become friends with them. They invited us over to make dumplings for chinese new year. Since the boys and I didn't know much about chinese new years we decided to learn about it in school before we go to their house.  After doing a little Pinterest search I found all sorts of fun printables and videos on the holiday.

Here they are coloring chinese dragons.  I played some relaxing chinese music on my Kindle for them as they colored.  They thought it was pretty cool!

I have to say, I am quite impressed with my youngest's ability to color for only being 4!  He colors better than his older brothers most of the time.  I have a feeling this boy has artist talent waiting to come out!

Have to have the silly one!

Another project we did was make chinese lanterns.  This year is the year of the rooster, so these lanterns highlight the rooster.

E's paper, ready to be made into a lantern!

He is pretending to be lost in the dark using his lantern.  Haha!

After watching some Youtube videos of chinese dragon shows the boys decided to make their own chinese dragon!  N ran to the garage and pulled out his dragon costume and E and J grabbed some blankets and their chinese dragon was born!

They went all over the living room like this and danced.

After awhile they discovered their blankets were not matching their dragon and pulled out some green ones.  I think they have inherited their mama's O.C.D. πŸ˜‰

Here are some videos I made of their dragon dance.  It is pretty darn cute!

As a surprise and a little chinese new year's gift for the boys I ordered them a complete collection of chinese zodiac Ty Beanie Babies off ebay.  These are all retired so I was super lucky to find a complete set and in new condition!  All week I told them they had a surprise coming and made them keep their room clean in order to receive it.  I might as well get something out of it too, right?

Ready to open their surprise!  I was holding the box down with my foot.

Whoa! Cool!

So excited!

Here they are up close:

Rat, Ox, Tiger

Rabbit, Dragon, Snake

Horse, Goat, Monkey

Rooster, Dog, Pig

Here are some of the fun videos we watched on Youtube for our chinese new years lesson. The boys now want to learn chinese!  They did pretty good at learning a few of the words and even learned how to write chinese numbers 1-10 (E and J not Nathaniel).

We had lots of fun learning about chinese new year.  I can imagine this is something we will do from now on!  Stay tuned for part 2 of our chinese new year celebration.
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