Monday, January 23, 2017

Chinese New Year- Part 2

On January 16th the little boys, my daughter and I went to our friend house for dumpling making in celebration of the chinese new year!  I brought chicken fried rice, fortune cookies, my friend provided a nice spread of fruit, chinese cookies, tea, and of course the beef dumplings which were all made from scratch and absolutely amazing!  The children were especially excited to visit and N brought his dragon costume so they could all be a chinese dragon together.

Dumpling making time!  

Completed dumpling, ready to fry!


The kiddos- So excited!

The kids being a chinese dragon 🐲

Here they come!

My loved the kids dragon dance so much she asked the boys to come to an International Potluck held at a local church on the 20th.  This is a group that meets every quarter and has a potluck to celebrate the different cultures within the group.  Everyone is encouraged to do some type of performance.  This time the focus was mostly on chinese new year, but there was a variety of foods and performances that went on.

The boys did their dragon dance, but it ended up not being much of a dance as a couple more kiddos joined them.  No one could see so they just went in a straight line and then the blankets kept falling off.  Oh well, they tried!  Here is the video:

My friend's daughter wanted to be a dragon too so brought her costume to wear with N. So cute! She sang a chinese new year's song earlier and wore her pretty, red chinese dress for that.

Silly little dragons!

There was also an Indian lady who could dance amazing and she also asked for people to come up to try out a dance.  E went up with my husband this time. They were a hoot to watch! You can see from the video N could not make up his mind if he wanted to join in or not. 😊

And that was the end of our chinese new year celebrations!  
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