My Family

We love God, each other and are living our lives the best we can to please HIM. Learning from our mistakes and striving each day to be the parents God designed us to be! My husband and I have been married 19 years and have been blessed with 5 amazing children. We homeschool our children because we believe it is our primary responsibility to "train our children in the way they should go". We have a heart for family and believe children are a blessing from God.

Picture taken June of 2013

My Children
As you read my blog you will notice I do not share my children's names (or at least I try not to). For protection of my family (since my blog is open to all readers) I have chosen to do this. However, I do refer to them as:

Mr. C- our oldest son. C is 17 years old and in the 11th grade. He is a master at Legos and can whip up amazing creations within minutes! He is a natural born artist and wonderful pianist. He has more talent in his baby finger then both his parents combined! He is always willing to help and loves playing with his little brothers. Not sure what I would do without him!

Miss I- our only daughter.  Miss I is 15 and in the 9th grade. She loves to read and is fascinated by history. Most days you find her reading a book, crocheting, sewing or playing the piano. She is amazing at doing her chores without being told and helps keep this household running smoothly.  She will make a wonderful wife and mother some day!

Sweet E- our sweet little boy. He IS little too!  9 years old and several inches shorter than his 7 year old brother. E is the joy and delight of the family!  He is quiet, loving and always willing to help. A third grader this year, he is enjoying school very much.  He loves to make crafts, listen to music, read books, color, ride his bike, and get dirty outside with his 2 little brothers.

J Bug- never a dull moment.  7 years old and 200% boy!  He is constantly getting into mischief but also has a soft side.  He is full of smiles and you can't help feel happier around him. He is in 2nd grade this year and enjoying it.  In his spare time he loves to play outside, dress like Batman, and ride his bike.

Little N- knows he's the baby.  5 years old and king of the castle, he knows just what to do to get his way.  Cuteness is his secret weapon and he knows how to use it!  If Curious George had a twin, it would be this little fella.  I am not sure this kid has ever played with real toys. He is the one you will find digging in dad's tool bag, building some kind of special project, or cutting something up with scissors!  He loves to color, play playdough, and do anything his big brothers are doing.

My Marriage

I met my husband at the age of 19. Believe it or not, he was my very first boy-friend! Before I met him I had made a "list" of what I wanted in a husband. A friend and I prayed over this list together and I trusted God to bring that special person into my life. On August 1, 1998 only a few short months after that prayer I met my husband at a friends wedding. 28 days later he proposed and on November 2, 1998 we were married! We actually married on my husband's 20th birthday. Yes, we were young and crazy! We got married on a cold, rainy, November day in a tiny church by a pastor we called that day! I wore a navy blue dress (we had bought at the mall) and we only had 1 day off work. No one expected us to make it, but here we are 19 years later still very much in love! Sure, we have had our ups and downs. Marriage, like any relationship takes work. I believe by making us "one flesh" God has bonded my husband and I together as family. When you look at your spouse as "family" and not a relationship that can easily be broken it is easy to stay focused on what marriage is all about. I love my husband dearly and cannot imagine my life without him. He has helped me become the woman I am today.

Updated: July 2017
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